Changing the Way

You See Things 

The Plasmatica PLASMA Shield® solves one of the most critical challenges in laparoscopic surgery – maintaining clear visibility throughout a procedure. By creating a super-hydrophilic activated surface on the scope lens, PLASMA Shield® ensures continuous visibility during every laparoscopic procedure without unnecessary interruptions or scope removals, making surgeries safer and more efficient.

PLASMA Shield® Disposable

PLASMA Shield® Base

Why PLASMA Shield®?

fog-free surgery

When liquid particles come in contact with the plasma-activated surface of the scope lens, they bond to one another, creating a thin film of transparent liquid that keeps the lens wet and eliminates visibility issues.


PLASMA Shield® is easy to use, with a straightforward activation process that takes only 10 seconds to complete.

Shorter & Safer Surgery

PLASMA Shield® eliminates the need for unnecessary scope removals, improving efficiency and promoting patient safety.

What is plasma?

Plasma is the fourth state of matter after solids, liquids and gases. Examples of plasma in nature are the sun – a gigantic plasma ball, or lightning – a temporary electrical discharge.





Cold plasma
Applying cold plasma on a lens creates a super-hydrophilic surface. Cold plasma is maintained at low temperatures, which, unlike hot plasma, enables it to be applied to living organisms. Cold plasma is generated by applying energy to a gas, making the gas molecules or atoms lose their outer electrons and become ionized. It is comprised of a reactive mix of electrons, ions, excited-state atoms, and molecules – reactive species (e.g., O3, NO, NO2, etc.), UV radiation and heat, with a vast potential for medical applications.
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